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Clara Rosager - Biography, News, Personal Life

Clara Rosager

Age: 27

Clara Rosager

Clara Rosager. Born on November 11, 1996 in Copenhagen. Danish model and actress.

Clara Rosager was born on November 11, 1996 in Copenhagen.

She began her career as a model, appearing on the runway and participating in photoshoots for famous brands.

Clara Rosager in Cinema

Since 2018, she has started acting in movies. She debuted in the lead role - Signe - in the social drama "Before the Frost", set in 19th century Denmark. Her character comes from a poor family. She catches the eye of a wealthy farmer who, on the eve of another harsh winter, offers her father help, but only on the condition that he gives up his daughter.

She then portrayed Rita in the thriller "Mysterium. Magazine 64" about the investigation of a mysterious case: three mummified bodies are found walled up in an apartment in Copenhagen, sitting around a table. She played the role of Sarah in the sci-fi film "Rain" about a virus that wiped out almost all of Earth's population - only the family of a scientist from the Appolo corporation survived.

Clara Rosager in her youth

In 2020, she played the role of Miss Sweden May Johansson in the drama "Miss Misbehavior" based on the story by Rebecca Frain. The plot is based on real events - the story of the scandalous "Miss World - 1970" contest. For this role, Clara Rosager received nominations for the "Robert" award for Best Actress and the "Bodil" award for Best Supporting Actress.

Clara Rosager in the film "Miss Misbehavior"

Clara Rosager in the film Miss Misbehavior

The role of Jane in the 2022 horror film "Morbius" became significant, where her partner was Jared Leto, who played Michael Morbius, trying to find a cure for a rare deadly blood disease.

She then appeared on screen as Edith in the drama "The Kiss" based on Stefan Zweig's novel "Letter from an Unknown Woman". Her character is a young heiress to a large fortune. She falls in love with a handsome but poor officer.

Clara Rosager in the film "The Kiss"

Clara Rosager in the film The Kiss

Height of Clara Rosager: 172 centimeters.

Personal Life of Clara Rosager:

Husband - Mischa Andresen (Mischa Pavlovski Andresen), artist.

Clara Rosager and Mischa Andresen

Clara Rosager and Mischa Andresen

Filmography of Clara Rosager:

2018 - Before The Frost - Signe
2018 - Journal 64 - Rita
2018-2020 - Rain - Sarah
2019 - Devils - Nadia
2019 - Face to Face - Nikki
2019-2023 - Darkness: Those Who Kill - Prisoner of Darkness
2020 - Misbehaviour - May Johansson, Miss Sweden
2022 - 1899
2022 - Morbius - Jane
2022 - The Kiss - Edith

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